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placement for foreigners

Beitrag » 31.10.2012 14:42

Hi everyone,

i'm a french student in 6th year of medicine and i have the opportunity to do a two month placement abroad next summer, i'd love to do it in Hamburg and try to learn a little bit of german (i know it sound naive but that's really my goal!) .
I don't know if it's the good place to pick a few tips but if any of you could advise me on the subject... or maybe just tell me where else i could find informations...

Thanks to you all

quitterie (it's a girl name!)
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Beitrag » 31.10.2012 22:14

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Beitrag » 01.11.2012 12:54

Hey quitterie,
check our english exchange site online here.

It says the deadline for 2013 has passed in June, but I would just try to send the exchange team an e-mail, maybe they can do something for you (auslandsberatung@uke.uni-hamburg.de).

Alternatively, to do a clerkship, just apply at the head of the department where you want to go. if you need help finding the proper e-mail addresses for application just tell us here.

Best regards and good luck!
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